I'm very pleased with the service you have given to me and my thinning hair. I have seen a HUGE change and I would definitely recommend people with any hair loss problems to go to your brilliant hair clinic!
Mrs G, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

I would just like to say a massive thank you for your help with the shampoo and conditioner you recommended (No:3). I have seen amazing results, my scalp is no longer flaky and my hair is thicker and in much better condition. Thank you once again.
V.K, Brighton, East Sussex

I visited Jen the Trichologist at Eucaderm as I had stupidly used a shop-bought dye on my hair and left it on too long. This resulted in a bad scalp rash and some hair loss. Jen diagnosed and performed a course of treatments which has resulted in my scalp being better than before – also my hair has grown back where I had lost it. I can only highly recommend Lucy. She is an expert in her field. Thank you Jen.
S.H, Pembury, Kent

I had been searching for a Trichologist in the Kent area to help with my ever thinning hair. I came across Eucaderm and they were offering free consultations so I went along, Jen was fantastic and diagnosed Diffuse Alopecia. I have since been having weekly treatments which I really enjoy. We have a good laugh but at the same time I can see the difference in the condition of my hair, it looks so much fuller even after a short period of time :-)
P.W - Sevenoaks, Kent

I am 13 years old and I have Alopecia Areata. When I first realised I had small bald patches of hair I was worried about what it was. My Mum and I went to the doctor who prescribed steroid cream but it didn't do anything! Then we googled "Hair Clinics in Tunbridge Wells, Kent" and found Jen who is a Trichologist at the Eucaderm Hair Clinic. When I first came I didn't know what to expect but after one session I was fine and Jen is lovely. Jen prescribed the food supplement and the stimulator to use at home and weekly treatments in the clinic. Within two weeks my hair started growing again and by four months all my hair has grown back! I no longer have treatments but continue to take the food supplement to hopefully prevent it starting again.
A.M, Pembury, Kent

I have had Alopecia Areata for 20 yrs now. For many years it had caused me a lot of misery. Doctors were useless and one even said to me "There are no new breakthroughs, you'll just have to learn to live with it." I was devastated. I then discovered and tried out Eucaderm Hair Clinic in Kent. I was sceptical at first, but with time it worked. My alopecia can still cause me grief but I manage it much better and when I do have an episode and there are bald patches, I do know it will pass and get better. I treat myself at home with the lovely shampoos, stimulator and food supplements and every couple of weeks I go to the clinic for a treatment. Jen the Trichologist at Eucaderm is great. She really knows her stuff, is very professional, but you can also relax and have a laugh with her. I would recommend Eucaderm Hair Clinic to anyone. It's FAB!!
A.O, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

I contacted the Eucaderm Hair Clinic in Kent as I had started to develop thinning hair, causing me to feel very self-conscious. I was diagnosed with Diffuse Alopecia and am now undergoing a course of relaxing treatments. New hairs are starting to grow, the condition of my hair has improved dramatically, and my confidence has started to return. Jen is a brilliant Trichologist and I really look forward to my treatment each week. I can't recommend Eucaderm highly enough! Thank you!
A.L, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

I decided to give Eucaderm shampoo and conditioner No:2 a go as they are specially formulated for greasy hair and I just think they are wonderful, my hair is now full of life, but really conditioned at the same time and I can even go more than one day without washing it now. Thank you so much Eucaderm, I am now a life long customer!
K.B, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

I'm so pleased with the treatment I received at the Eucaderm Hair Clinic, following an illness and unfortunately losing a lot of my hair on a daily basis, I decided to come along and try your clinic once a week and then every other week, I am amazed at the result, my hair is completely restored to it's former healthy condition and i'm certain no-one would realise that I ever had any problems with my hair.
Anon, Brighton, East Sussex

I contacted Jen the Trichologist at the Eucaderm Hair clinic in Kent as I had such greasy hair that I had actually started to develop thinning hair from the excessive loss. Jen advised me to use the Eucaderm shampoo and conditioner no:2, it's improved my hair massively. I just love it! Thanks.
S.P, Crowborough, Kent

Thank you so much for your care and understanding. I think my thinning hair really has improved thanks to you.
M.A, Lewes, East Sussex