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Alopecia is an auto-immune hair-loss disorder that affects men, women and children of any age. The onset of the hair loss is often sudden, random and frequently recurrent. It can be caused by stress, shock, trauma, anaemia, illness, medication and chemotherapy.

With the help of scalp stimulation and immune system boosters, Eucaderm Hair Clinic can treat all the different forms of Alopecia – see below.

Diffuse Alopecia
This is characterised by thinning hair on the entire scalp. It appears in both women and men; however, women are much more affected and it can occur at any age.

Alopecia Areata
Also known as patchy hair loss. This is normally characterised by small to large patches of baldness on the scalp.

Alopecia Totalis
This is total hair loss from the neck up. It effects the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes and facial hair.

Alopecia Universalis
This is total hair loss over the whole body. It affects the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, facial hair, leg, arm, armpit and pubic hair.

Male/Female Pattern Baldness

Also known as Androgenetic Alopecia. This is characterised by hair receding from the lateral sides of the forehead (known as a 'receding hairline') and/or thinning hair on the crown. This is often hereditary, although this is not always the case.

It is caused by an increase in male hormones, namely Androgen and Testosterone. Eucaderm treatments include regular stimulation of the scalp which can slow this natural hair loss down and improve the condition of the hair.


This is an auto-immune disorder that effects the skin. It occurs when the immune system mistakes the skin cells as a pathogen (germ), and sends out faulty signals that speed up the growth cycle of skin cells. It is normally hereditary but can also be caused by stress. It is characterised by it's shiny silvery scales which can effect the scalp.

The exact cause of Psoriasis is not fully understood, therefore there is no definite cure, but Eucaderm scalp conditioning and steam treatments can help control the irritation, and the scales can sometimes be removed completely.


Also known as greasy hair or scalp. It is caused by excessive oil production on the scalp which can cause the follicle to enlarge and for the hair to then fall out. The hair usually looks dull, lifeless and lacks elasticity. This condition can be caused by stress, puberty, incorrect hair products, diet, hormones, allergies or medication. This condition can be easily controlled with Eucaderm treatments.

Telogen Effluvium

Also known as temporary hair loss. This is caused when an above normal amount of hair remains in the resting phase, This can be caused by anaemia, stress, child birth, crash diets or major surgery. If this happens then a large amount of hair can shed very quickly. Regular Eucaderm treatments can help kick start the hair regrowth.

Other conditions

A trichologist can help with many different hair loss and scalp conditions, not just those listed above which are the most common. It can be something as simple as greasy hair/scalp to different types of thinning hair, so if you would like some advice please call on 01892 670300 for an informal chat. Our clinic is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and we offer expert advice and diagnosis of many different hair loss and scalp conditions.


Also known as dandruff. It can be caused by bacteria, infection, nutrition or incorrect hair care. It is characterised by its yellow/white oily flakes and it can be itchy and sometimes feel tight on the scalp. This condition can be cleared very easily with Eucaderm treatments.

Pityriasis Amientacea

Also known as severe dandruff. It is caused by excessive skin production and characterised as shiny asbestos-like thick scales attached in layers to the hair shaft. These can easily be removed but will start to re-grow almost instantly so regular Eucaderm scalp conditioning treatments are required to clear this condition.

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